Grandstream HandyTone 701
Grandstream HandyTone 701
Grandstream HandyTone 701

Telephone Adapter

This is an ATA adaptor with a single ethernet interface and one POTS line enabling you to use a traditional phone as a SIP enabled IP device. This means that you will need an open ethernet port on your local network. It is fairly simple to setup and almost identical to the BudgeTone 100 configuration. The default configuration will get an IP address via DHCP.

Easy Setup
Just plug in the power supply, connect your telephone and connect the adaptor to your broadband access. Pick up the phone, hear your dial tone and make calls. Its that simple.
See a sample configuration guide.

Take it with you
The Grandstream HT701 is small and fully portable. Just disconnect the device and take it anywhere in the world. Simply plug it into any broadband Internet connection, connect a phone and you can make and receive calls as if you were in the primary location. Perfect for temporary or permanent moves.


  • Supports one VoIP line
  • Perfect if you already have a router
  • Small size travels well


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